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Jun 12

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarders in Calgary have a unique industry to serve and grow within. Although, if you are not familiar with this industry, it can be hard to understand the exact purpose and duties of a freight forwarder in Calgary

But no longer! Today, you can find information about this exciting industry and learn about how the most efficient companies are making strides within it. 

The Duties of Freight Forwarders

First and foremost, a freight forwarding company is responsible for the effective management and organization of importing and exporting freight. While they typically don’t have a hand in the actual movement of cargo, their value comes from the relationships they form with companies across the globe.

Perhaps an illustration would be beneficial. Say you have a load of wind turbine components that are manufactured right here in Canada, and they need to be shipped to a country overseas. As the producer of these components, you could send them yourself. 

import export logistics industry

First, you would need a trucking company to carry them to a port location, and then you would need an overseas shipping company to load, transport, and unload them in the receiving country. From there, you would need another trucking company in the receiving country to pack them and transport them to their final destination. 

It may seem like a simple process, only involving 3 or 4 other companies, but consider the following. What if you need special permits for the land or ocean travel, because of the size of your wind turbine components? Are there trade restrictions between the countries? Does your shipment contract abide by the best practices of the country you are shipping too, or provide the best price? Who is responsible for your load, and how do you hold them accountable?

Therein lies the primary purpose of freight forwarding companies. It isn’t enough to know the way that your product should be shipped. Instead, it is the minutiae and the specific process of each stage in the shipment that requires the scrutiny and knowledge provided by this essential service. 

Find Your Freight Forwarder Today!

Now that you understand what freight forwarding is and appreciate the value it offers consider finding the right company for your unique shipping needs, best accomplished through proper planning and diligent research, but remember to settle for the best and not the rest!


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