Over the last 30 years, we have worked with customers in a wide variety of industries, ranging from oil to pharmaceutical, helping them develop optimal supply chain solutions. We understand that your business success depends on our diligence to deliver your freight in a timely manner.

Ocean-Air Freight will work with you to ensure all the documentation is in order so that the freight moves seamlessly through borders.

Whether you have a one time or regular shipments, whether your shipment is large or small, your freight is our top priority.


We offer a great alternative to traditional moving companies, at a fraction of the cost. Once you pack your belongings, Ocean-Air Freight can come to your house to pick them up, and send them where you like. More cost effective options are available if you can deliver or pick-up at our terminal.

Personal effects can be complicated. There are different rules for personal effects entering countries around the world, requiring a greater need for flexibility and adaptability. That is why many freight forwarders generally try and avoid shipping personal effects. We have over 30 years in dealing with personal effects, and know how to do it right.



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