All wood in packaging or crating will be heat treated and properly marked to comply with International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) shipping regulations specified in ISPM 15. This ensures that your shipment won’t incur shipping delays due to improper packaging methods.


We will arrange for your freight to be professionally crated and packed to withstand the vigour of moving. That means it will be properly blocked and banded, with weight evenly distributed, so that it will not move or shift during transport.


For cars, industrial equipment, or whatever else you are loading, we will arrange for your freight to be loaded delicately and properly blocked and braced, so that it will not shift during transport. If you do not have a loading dock, we can arrange for your freight to be brought to a warehouse to be loaded, or we can deliver the container on the ground.


We will pick-up your pieces from your door, palletize them on heat treated pallets at the warehouse, and properly shrink wrap them on to the pallets. Palletizing is a great option for household goods being moved by sea freight.






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