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May 15

Everything You Need To Know About E-Manifests

When using a freight forwarder in Edmonton, one of the most important parts is tracking your package. This applies not only to the current location but also to the accuracy of your shipment. This is because of the necessity of accuracy in your shipments, and the desire to have peace of mind while they are in transit.

Freight forwarders in Edmonton understand this desire and have taken many steps to make this easier for their customers to access. One of the ways they have improved is to offer tracking services on all of their packages, which allows you to see your package’s location at the click of a button.

Another way they have improved their services is by offering e-manifests. E-manifests are digital copies of the shipping manifest that is provided at the time of pickup, and they offer a detailed list of the packages, items, and pieces that are included in every order. This is also a great boon for you, their valued customer, because it allows you to know the exact contents of a particular shipment.

Not only does this afford you the opportunity to ensure the accuracy of your shipments, but it also affords you extra time if there is an issue.

For instance, say you have a shipment being delivered overseas. When you go to check your e-manifest, you notice that the shipping quantity for a particular item is less than you had ordered. Now, before the shipment leaves the country you can inquire with the freight forwarding company and ascertain the cause of the issue.

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Perhaps there was insufficient room for the quantity requested, or perhaps there was a misunderstanding during the loading process and some of the product was held back. In certain situations, it may just be that the product you wanted was not produced in a quantity to fill your order. However, the reason is only secondary to the e-manifests purpose.

What is important is that you have the knowledge and ability to discover the cause of the misaligned shipment. Then, you can figure out why it was delayed, and make plans to accommodate the issue. This can sometimes take the form of letting your clients know there was a shortage of stock, and other times it can be to redistribute the product to give everyone a lesser portion of their order. 


Trust the Experts with Your Freight Forwarding

However it is handled, e-manifests are there to give you time and options during your freight forwarding activities. The modern world has produced many marvels, and this is just another of the wonderful ways that technology can benefit people in businesses and private alike. 

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