Cargo Transport Long Haul Semi Truck On a Rural Western USA Interstate Highway Delivering During Pandemic

Nov 10

What Is LTL Freight?

When you see trucks moving down the road, it is easy to think they are all the same. However, trucks move all types of items and shipments of all sizes. Understanding these nuances can help you with your own shipping needs. Therefore, learn about the possibilities of LTL freight.

Three Things That Define LTL Freight in Calgary 

It Is Designed for Smaller Shipments

When you think about shipping via truck, usually large shipments come to mind. However, many things are shipped in trucks. Some of those things are smaller. If you need a load of 150 pounds or less moved across the country, then LTL freight may be a perfect choice. LTL freight allows these small bundles to have a secure place on a truck when you work with a freight forwarder in Calgary. Shipping spots are sold by these smaller size denominations, and you can secure more than one spot to customize the size of your load.

You Can Share a Truck with Other Shipments

Because LTL freight involves smaller shipping sizes, then you can expect to share the truck with other customers. This is at the heart of why LTL shipping works. Instead of securing an entire truck, you will share the burden of the truck with other customers with small-scale needs. This is efficient for customers because it keeps costs in check. It is also a good environmental choice because all the space in the truck can be appropriately used.

Looking for a specific item

It Can Be Managed by a Freight Forwarder in Calgary

With LTL shipping, you will probably want to work with a freight forwarder in Calgary. A freight forwarder will organize the shipping process for you. These professionals can optimize the way trucks are loaded and help customers find the best fit for their needs. 

When it comes to LTL freights, it’s best to let an experienced professional handle it for you. It will make your job easier and ensure that there are no problems during transportation. Take your time to find a freight forwarding company that offers great deals and rates for your personal affairs or business. 

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