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Apr 01

Frequently Asked Questions about Freight Forwarding Hazardous Material

Freight forwarding is a great service for those seeking to transport potentially hazardous materials. As would be expected of such services, there are many regulations and processes that must be adhered to when transporting hazardous goods, and depending on the substance, more regulations are required. 


But what does one who is looking to freight forward their hazardous materials need to know beforehand? We will look at some of the most common requirements in the article below, but a good rule-of-thumb is to contact a certified and professional freight forwarder before such transports. This will ensure you are provided the correct information from a confident and capable source, and likely, make your freight forwarding a much simpler and easier process. 


Freight Forwarders are Required to Label Shipments Correctly

Freight forwarders in Calgary recommend reviewing the Global Harmonized System (GHS) placards and signage for your hazardous material moving. Formerly called the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS), the GHS is a universal standard that regulates the information required on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and also, on the placards that must be visible when transporting certain types of hazardous materials.


This includes items that might be corrosive, explosive, damaging to the lungs, and more. However, these requirements must be followed exactly as improper labeling or missing information can cause accidents to go from bad to worse. Freight forwarders are trained to interpret and implement the GHS appropriately and correctly, and must regularly undergo renewed training to ensure they are aware of the latest changes to the GHS.


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Freight Forwarders are Required to Make Emergency Response Plans

Freight forwarders in Calgary are often required to produce emergency response plans in case of spills, leaks, or similar potentially hazardous situations. This requires training material handlers and supervisors and can often involve additional safety measures to reduce the risk of potential consequences. 


For these reasons and many more, it is important to contact certified freight forwarders before attempting to transport hazardous materials. When making the call, ensure you have the safety data sheets for the products you wish to transport available, as well as their rough dimensions and carrying container specifications.


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